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TIP TUESDAY: Poignant Pet Fourth of July Safety Tips


TIP TUESDAY: Hot Off The Presses! Our 2014 Pet Sports, Furniture, and Lifestyle Catalog is Here!

Hot off the presses, our new 2014 catalog is here!

Dutch Dog Design 2014 catalog

Flip through the new 2014 Dutch Dog Design catalog to explore new products and ways to enjoy quality time with your best fur friend

In this new edition, we feature new items like our latest additions to our leash and collar collections (more van Gogh, and some cool new zigzag/chevron designs!), the Cycleciser dog bike exerciser, and snoozeBase and snoozeBack dog beds.

We know you’re curious, so take a look! Click on the pages to flip each page.

7 Quick Tips for Successfully Traveling With Your Dog

Recently, travel expert Kendra Thornton (@KendraThornton) invited us to share our insight with her on traveling with dogs, as many of us will surely be going on all sorts of vacations in the coming months.

In collaboration with Kendra, here are some of her professional tips on traveling with your dog(s), with our own professional insight added in too.

When I travel with my family and dog, I try to ensure that every two-legged and four-legged family member has everything that they need for a fun, happy, and safe trip. After all, traveling in comfort can make a journey pleasurable and exciting. Interestingly enough, a family will be visiting my family here in Chicago, and they will be bringing their beloved dog. That is fantastic! I am excited to share my best dog travel tips with them, and you.
Before going on the trip, there is a lot to do.

A. Prepare

two spaniels at the vet's office

A trip to the vet to make sure everything health and safety is in order

1. Microchipping: Microchipping a dog is a quick and relatively pain-free process where a vet implants a trackable chip the size of a grain of rice under your dog’s skin.

Getting your dog microchipped before you leave for your trip gives you the peace of mind to know that she can be located should she ever become lost.

2. Vaccinations: Visit your local vet to make sure that all of your dog’s shots are current. Vaccinations give each of us with the peace of mind that we need.

B. On The Go

Small dog in a crate

Small dogs can travel in a crate for safety

3. Crates: Crating a dog is not something that I always like to do. At the same time, a crate can be very beneficial as it keeps a dog safe. Our dog hated to be crated for the first time. As seasons rolled by, she began to like the crate. Today, she prefers a crate, and it gives her a sense of comfort.

4. Food & Water: Pets, like children, may need to take a break during travel. Be ready for a snack break by packing easily accessible food and water for your dog. This can include a bag of treats, or extra kibble, and an extra bottle of water.

Don’t forget that you may need extra food and water bowls when on the go. Consider packing and using collapsible silicone bowls. Be on the lookout for bowls with a carabiner clip, which will allow for the bowl to quickly and easily clip onto a bag if needed.

5. Calming Reassurances: Our dog can get anxious, and we have found ways to calm her. One way is to bring her favorite blanket with on a trip.

If she gets upset, we can comfort her with her blanket, or, give her a deep body massage. Both of these options work well for us.

6. Toys: Sitting in a car or crate for an extended period can be stressful or boring for certain dogs. So, don’t forget to give your dog a favorite plaything or squeaky toy with which to pass the time.

C. Arrival

Dog on a dog bed in hotel

Some great hotels will provide dog beds, treats, and related pet services for a pleasant stay.

7. Pet-Friendly Hotels: Pet travel-focused sites such as BringFido.com give travelers plenty of options of great places to stay in various locales, including Chicago! In my past experiences, one hotel has recommended places to walk and dog parks to visit. Another wonderful hotel offered breakfast for our favorite canine.

It matters to my children to have snacks, video games, movies, magazines and other sources of entertainment while on the road. I use this same mindset with our dog as well. She needs to be at ease when we are on the road. A great way to serve children and a dog is to stick to a familiar routine. Both like what they know, and that can make our journey, and yours, incredibly pleasant.

Learn more about Kendra at her website www.thorntonpr.com, or follow her on Twitter at @KendraThornton.

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We all wish you safe, happy, successful travels!

TIP TUESDAY: Cracking a Window is Not Enough for Pets

Cracking a window for your dog in a hot car is not enough. Leaving your dog in a car, even with windows open is not a good idea in these hot summer months.

The infographic below, via our Facebook friends, Bainbridge Island Barkery, via the Kitsap County Humane Society, discusses how to keep pets safe during hot days, and watch for heat stroke and overheating in pets.

Keeping your pets safe during hot summer months

Keeping your pets safe during hot summer months


Sunny Sundays Make for Great Doggy Photo Shoots

Menno enjoying the sunshine, in his new Dutch Dog Amsterdam leash

Recently, the DoggyRide team from Dutch Dog Design had the pleasure of heading out to the dog park for an afternoon of fun, sun and photography. We’re excited to begin the process of bringing you a new DoggyRide product, helping you and your dog to more fully enjoy the outdoors together, within the next few months. But, before we do so, we had to take some fun photos.

Menno enjoyed his time outdoors, strolling in the sun, meeting other dogs, and of course, modeling some of our other products. Here are a few photos of Menno enjoying a sunny Sunday afternoon at the park along the waterfront in Seattle, modeling a few Dutch Dog Amsterdam leashes to boot.

Finally Geek Dog Owners Can Rejoice! Here is a dog bed you can enjoy too

Dutch Dog Design’s DoggySnooze provides customizable, build-your-own dog beds for those with discerning tastes.

Recently, GeekWire, a Seattle-based technology news site, released an article entitled “Meet the geek dogs of Seattle” introducing various local geek dogs. With geeks aplenty come dogs aplenty. Now geeky dog lovers (and their furry pals) can revel in the new adventure of choosing, building and enjoying a customized luxury dog bed that DoggySnooze provides. Dutch Dog Design is happy to report that GearPatrol showcased DoggySnooze during a product release, detailing the dog bed’s benefits, such as the high quality fabrics allowing for greater air circulation which reduces condensation and elevated height aiding to keep away fleas and other floor dwelling insects.

For far too long, dog beds have been bland, boring run of the mill products. Over recent years, DoggySnooze has identified a need for and interest in convertible, customizable luxury dog beds. Built in a contemporary style, with luxury and comfort for a dog in mind, geeky (and non-geeky) dog owners can build a high-quality dog bed to their (and their dog’s) liking. Much like being able to visit a car buying website and click through and choose different options for interior and exterior colors and finishing materials and accessories, DoggySnooze uses the same customizing concept.

Dog owners are able to visit the DoggySnooze website and choose the size of dog bed to fit the dog, choose from many different colors such as black, prairie sand, orange, green and chocolate to name a few, choose to add short legs, long legs, or even wheels for varied height and mobility, choose additional back and side bolsters which can transform a snoozePad to a snoozeLoungesnoozeSleeper or a snoozeSofa, and finally, there is the option to also add orthopedic memory foam for the dog to lay on. The memory foam provides a luxurious, breathable sleeping surface which will undoubtedly bring greater comfort to one’s dog.

Choosing a DoggySnooze dog bed allows for the dog to enjoy a greater, more customized rest and relaxation experience while the owner gets to display a sense of sleek, contemporary customized design. So, geeky dog owners, take note, DoggySnooze allows the opportunity for your eye for luxury dog bed design to shine through while your dog reaps the rewards.

Happy dog on the snoozeLounge by DoggySnooze