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How You Can Design A Healthy And Stylish Bed For Your Dog [INFOGRAPHIC]


Have you been wondering what makes elevated dog beds, particularly DoggySnooze beds, so unique, and how to go about designing the best one for you and your dog? Well check out our infographic to learn about the benefits of elevated dog beds and how DoggySnooze can meet your needs.

How You Can Design A Healthy And Stylish Bed For Your Dog

Learn how to design the right elevated DoggySnooze dog bed to best meet the needs of you and your dog

Man’s best friend can have his own sofa too!

Proof that the snoozeSofa is a comfortable and stylish dog bed

When we designed the DoggySnooze dog bed, we didn’t do it with the intent to create a designer dog bed. We did it with the purpose to create the most functional and durable dog bed possible that will blend into contemporary design. We like to think that the beauty of design is in the eye of the beholder, so it would be unnatural to focus solely on a product’s design.

We have receive many comments from satisfied dog owners around the world describing how much they enjoy our dog bed and its design and, truth is, it’s quite flattering.

The main functions we needed to implement in our dogs beds were usability of truly orthopedic features on an elevated and chew resistant dog bed while keeping design and form in mind so that the dog bed would blend with your furniture or fit in with your young and modernly designed living room.

Finally fashion has met function.

So, if your dog likes to sleep on your new, light-colored sofa – give them their own sofa. A DoggySnooze dog bed sofa (snoozeSofa).

Finally Geek Dog Owners Can Rejoice! Here is a dog bed you can enjoy too

Dutch Dog Design’s DoggySnooze provides customizable, build-your-own dog beds for those with discerning tastes.

Recently, GeekWire, a Seattle-based technology news site, released an article entitled “Meet the geek dogs of Seattle” introducing various local geek dogs. With geeks aplenty come dogs aplenty. Now geeky dog lovers (and their furry pals) can revel in the new adventure of choosing, building and enjoying a customized luxury dog bed that DoggySnooze provides. Dutch Dog Design is happy to report that GearPatrol showcased DoggySnooze during a product release, detailing the dog bed’s benefits, such as the high quality fabrics allowing for greater air circulation which reduces condensation and elevated height aiding to keep away fleas and other floor dwelling insects.

For far too long, dog beds have been bland, boring run of the mill products. Over recent years, DoggySnooze has identified a need for and interest in convertible, customizable luxury dog beds. Built in a contemporary style, with luxury and comfort for a dog in mind, geeky (and non-geeky) dog owners can build a high-quality dog bed to their (and their dog’s) liking. Much like being able to visit a car buying website and click through and choose different options for interior and exterior colors and finishing materials and accessories, DoggySnooze uses the same customizing concept.

Dog owners are able to visit the DoggySnooze website and choose the size of dog bed to fit the dog, choose from many different colors such as black, prairie sand, orange, green and chocolate to name a few, choose to add short legs, long legs, or even wheels for varied height and mobility, choose additional back and side bolsters which can transform a snoozePad to a snoozeLoungesnoozeSleeper or a snoozeSofa, and finally, there is the option to also add orthopedic memory foam for the dog to lay on. The memory foam provides a luxurious, breathable sleeping surface which will undoubtedly bring greater comfort to one’s dog.

Choosing a DoggySnooze dog bed allows for the dog to enjoy a greater, more customized rest and relaxation experience while the owner gets to display a sense of sleek, contemporary customized design. So, geeky dog owners, take note, DoggySnooze allows the opportunity for your eye for luxury dog bed design to shine through while your dog reaps the rewards.

Happy dog on the snoozeLounge by DoggySnooze