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How You Can Design A Healthy And Stylish Bed For Your Dog [INFOGRAPHIC]


Have you been wondering what makes elevated dog beds, particularly DoggySnooze beds, so unique, and how to go about designing the best one for you and your dog? Well check out our infographic to learn about the benefits of elevated dog beds and how DoggySnooze can meet your needs.

How You Can Design A Healthy And Stylish Bed For Your Dog

Learn how to design the right elevated DoggySnooze dog bed to best meet the needs of you and your dog


Dutch Dog Design Outdoors & Lifestyle catalog, hot off the presses!

Dutch Dog Design Outdoors & Lifestyle catalog

Dutch Dog Design Outdoors & Lifestyle catalog

We’ve kept very busy lately! We’ve worked very hard to complete our new Outdoors & Lifestyle catalog and it is now finished! We hope this provides everyone with plenty of information on our DoggyRide dog bike trailers and dog strollers, DoggySnooze elevated dog beds, Dutch Dog Amsterdam eco-friendly collars and leashes, our values and mission, and more!

Please take a look and share your thoughts.

Thank you!

How To Keep Your Office Dog Comfortable and Happy

Ringo the French bulldog enjoys a rest on the snoozeSleeper dog bed

Ringo the French bulldog enjoys a rest on the snoozeSleeper dog bed

Neil Sedaka once sang, “breaking up is hard to do” but, is it as hard as leaving your precious pooch at home while you go to work every morning? Surely with that sweet face and those beady little eyes, it is just as hard.

A sign of the times, more and more workplaces are recognizing the health and business benefits of bringing dogs to work and slowly across America, more workplaces are filled with 2-legged workers and their 4-legged canine companions.

Now, with dogs by their sides, employees need not fret over how their pooches are doing at home, alone. Bringing dogs to work can improve an employee’s health by reducing stress, reducing cortisol levels and increasing happiness.

It is also important to remember and consider a dog’s health when bringing it to work, though. Dogs sleep anywhere from 12 to 18 hours per day, or 50% to 75% of the day. With so much lying around going on, it’s important for a dog to have a healthy and comfortable dog bed on which to rest and sleep. When sleeping, some dogs like to stretch out and lay against something, others like to curl into a corner, and some like to rest their heads on something soft and elevated. Remember all those times your dog fell asleep next to you on the couch with its head propped on your lap?

Elevated dog beds are an excellent, healthy option for your dog’s bed. DoggySnooze beds, for example, are elevated which means that your pal doesn’t have to sleep on the floor, while also increasing air flow around the bed and the dog helping to reduced condensation and keep a dog cool and dry, and keep the floor around the bed much cleaner.

The snoozePad and snoozeSleeper dog bed models come with bed layers for the dog to sleep on with the option to add a 1” thick orthopedic memory foam mattress as well, while the snoozeLounge and snoozeSofa dog bed models come with the 1” thick orthopedic memory foam mattress standard. Having a healthy back and spine isn’t just a human thing, it’s a dog thing too.

For those of you who are looking for multiple customization options, designs abound with DoggySnooze beds. Elevation options, bed layer color options and bolster color options can be made to fit with most any office’s décor. The bed elevation can be changed from short to tall. For dogs that like to stretch against something while sleeping, a bed with one back bolster is an excellent option as it provides a comfortable place to rest with the addition of a support to lay against and open sides to allow for plenty of sprawling.

Menno enjoys his DoggySnooze snoozeLounge in our office

Menno enjoys his DoggySnooze snoozeLounge in our office

On the other hand, if you’ve got a dog that likes to snuggle into corners and sometimes rest its head on something, a bed with a side and back bolsters is a great option as the side and back bolsters offer multiple options for places to snuggle and many places where a dog can rest its head.

Going out for a doggy break will give both of you a bit of mid-morning or mid-afternoon exercise and time to get outside for some fresh air. Don’t forget some tasty treats and terrific toys to help keep your dog entertained during the day.

Also don’t forget to mind your doggy’s manners when back indoors. Keep him on a leash when not inside your office or cubicle as to not disrupt other office mates and remember to keep Fido secured during those meeting or conference calls.

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DoggySnooze Elevated, Chew Resistant Dog Beds on

DoggySnooze elevated chew resistant orthopedic dog bed featured on

Read about DoggySnooze dog beds on

Team DoggySnooze enjoys reading about how much dogs are enjoy their new, comfortable, elevated dog beds. Here’s a recent article from detailing how Bertha is having a grand time with her new DoggySnooze snoozeSofa.

DoggySnooze snoozeSofa elevated dog bed as enjoyed by a bulldog

Bertha the bulldog enjoys her snoozeSofa

Orthopedic dog beds – facts and fiction

We claim that the DoggySnooze dog bed can be classified as an orthopedic dog bed, so we better explain why. We also use the term healthy dog bed, so when something is orthopedic,  something is healthy. We prefer to call our dog bed healthy over orthopedic, because we believe that as a resting place, it is much healthier for the long-term, while the term orthopedic gives a sense of being therapeutic.

Happy dog on the snoozeLounge by DoggySnooze

Well, let’s analyze it and see whether we can classify as healthy, orthopedic, just comfy, or all of the above.

First, we would like to make a disclaimer here. There is no government standard or official designation that will qualify one dog bed orthopedic and the other not. This reality has created much confusion in the dog bedding industry, to the point that the typical consumer is not able to determine if a mattress is orthopedic or not. So, this article is written to reflect our opinion about what should be classified as orthopedic or what is healthy for your dog in the long-term.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of orthopedic is “marked by or affected with a skeletal deformity, disorder, or injury” and the website definition is “The branch of medicine that deals with the prevention or correction of injuries or disorders of the skeletal system and associated muscles, joints, and ligaments.” We rather prefer to stick with the definition and believe that the DoggySnooze dog bed is best suitable for prevention. I am not sure if any dog bed can be used for therapeutic or orthopedic correction. The definition on Wikipedia for an orthopedic mattress is a mattress designed to give extra back support. Having a number of definitions together we can see if the DoggySnooze can be classified as orthopedic, but we also need to look at whether this bed is right (in other words, healthy) for your dog.

We designed the DoggySnooze dog bed with the health of your best companion first and foremost in mind without looking up classifications or standards (as determined earlier which do not exist), but rather by using the input of experienced and renowned veterinarians.

Let’s first take a look at the different elements of the bed of what we have and have not yet described. We do not believe in cute, soft looking cushions. They look extremely comfy and they are certainly fun to lay on for a short while, but being used as a bed to sleep on? Imagine yourself sleeping for a night on the couch. You likely wake up feeling tired with back pain. Have you ever slept on those extremely stiff mattresses? Some hotels in China still have them. They are very uncomfortable when you first lay down on them, but you wake up well-rested without back pain. Have you ever slept on a Tempur-Pedic mattress? They are very comfortable and the top layer forms itself to the shape of the body. With the DoggySnooze we designed something in the middle. A bed layer that is somewhat stiff (the stiffness is adjustable) and the layer forms itself to the body.

But, as we use a Cordura nylon fabric layer, it has more features that allow it to be classified as an orthopedic dog bed. The nylon fabric will adjust itself to the body temperature of the dog. There are heated dog beds on the market that are comparable to the heated seats in your car. For some it is comfortable, but if you sleep your life always using an electric heating blanket you disable your body’s heating system. Assuming that you don’t expose your dog to a freezing temperature sleeping environment we do not see any value in heated dog beds, but this is just our opinion. A heated dog bed can temporarily work for an injured dog, but most dogs can be found on the floor next to the heated dog bed to cool off.

The Cordura nylon fabric layer not only aids to adjust to the body temperature, the breathable feature of the bed releases body odor, so it doesn’t get sweaty. Another benefit of avoiding sweat or body odor accumulation is that the bed won’t smell so badly.So, the question is whether the stiff, adjustable nylon fabric layer in an elevated position would make it orthopedic. It partially does, but we believe there are more factors to it. There are other beds on the market with an elevated Cordura fabric layer who classify themselves as orthopedic, while most dog beds classified as orthopedic are made out of a layer of memory foam. Does the elevated Cordura nylon layer win over the memory foam to be classified as orthopedic? As designers of the DoggySnooze dog bed, we believe that being truly orthopedic is a combination of factors and we have tried to incorporate them into the design. However we choose the elevated nylon Cordura layer over the memory foam for the aforementioned mentioned reasons. A memory foam layer would work better for humans as we are build with broader shoulders, but we believe that the nylon fabric layer fits a dog’s body given a dog’s various resting and sleeping positions.

What are the other factors contributing to a very orthopedic dog bed? The unique stiffness control system is one of them. If you have a heavy dog with sore muscles, lower the level of stiffness of the layer. If you have a young puppy that needs a good rest at night, let it sleep on a stiff bed layer. Well, it might have too much energy the next morning, but at least you know that in the long-term, it might be saved or delayed from the crippling hip dysplasia that affects so many dogs.

Another feature contributing to the bed’s orthopedic benefits is the bolsters. We use very dense foam, so it works for the back and the head. A dog likes to feel back support (which wasn’t in the Wikipedia definition of orthopedic, in regards to back support) while taking a “deep” nap. The side supports functions wonderfully as a head cushion, and if your dog likes to stretch out, remove the side supports. At the very least the bolster supports contribute to the orthopedic function.

To summarize this lengthy analysis the “elevated stiffness controlled breathable nylon fabric layer” in combination with the bolster supports make the DoggySnooze dog bed a truly orthopedic dog bed.

Elevated snoozeSofa by DoggySnooze

A durable, chew-proof dog bed, really? Yes, really!

Durability is number three on the list of the five key elements of the DoggySnooze dog bed.It comes with a special quality – a limited lifetime warranty. In other words,  we assure the dog bed’s durability.

Detailed view of the snoozeSofa

Now, let’s take a look at the design. The frame is made of aluminum and the corners are made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or ABS – a thermoplastic material know for its durability. Obviously, we cannot put a lifetime warranty on the bed layer and let’s face it, would you still want to that same sand or red colored bed after 20 years of use? The fact that you can replace the bed layer  over time to match your furniture or décor is a very valuable feature.


We use high quality Cordura nylon fabric that will last a long time, but the lifetimes of dog beds are mostly challenged by its inhabitants.Some dogs have a habit of chewing on their bed. Being bored and lonely are common causing for chewing on items around the house, including their own bed. Besides the expenditure of renewing a cushion type dog bed often, cushion type dog beds are filled with foam that contain toxic materials. You don’t want your dog chewing on foam material – even foam that is classified as non-toxic. A dog bed can be chew proof or better still, chew resistant, where the dog has no place to start chewing on it. Some cushions are chew proof when they have no zippers, but that should not be considered chew proof. Any cushion can be chewed – actually, dogs love to drag it around and jiggle it vibrantly.  The DoggySnooze dog bed differs from other nylon fabric dog bed layers because with the DoggySnooze, your dog has no place to start the chewing. We enclosed the connection points inside the bed frame. They can dig on the fabric, but digging to a point where it rips through Cordura takes quite an effort. If you have a dog that tends to chew do not install the bolsters, because that part is not chew-resistant.


The conclusion here is that a durable bed is one that has a metal frame with a bed layer where the connection points are enclosed. The frame will last forever and the bed layers only need to be renewed after years of use. The DoggySnooze dog bed is more expensive, but well worth the investment. Your dog will thank you for it.

DoggySnooze elevated dog bed — fleas are not allowed here

What are the benefits of an elevated or raised dog bed, you ask? There are many benefits, which we shall explain here.

Elevated snoozeSofa by DoggySnooze

Have you ever realized that your own bed is also raised? First and foremost, the reason that beds are raised is that anything that comes from the floor, like cold, wet or fleas, will not come in contact with the bed. For dog owners in particular this is a concern because dogs can contract Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD), a common ailment caused by fleas. Fleas can to jump 6-7 inches up the air and almost one foot horizontally. The DoggySnooze is about 6 inches high and with the bolsters installed around the perimeter, the total height goes up to 9-10 inches of protection. Some pet stores recommend spraying conventional beds with a chemical, but why expose your pet to this why an elevated dog bed is a simple solution?

Besides keeping your dogs free of fleas and insects, a raised dog bed like the DoggySnooze also ensures that your dog is always raised above the cold, hard floor. Unlike foam beds placed on the ground, an elevated dog bed prevents condensation, a factor which causes foam to rot.

Furthermore, clean up is easy as the DoggySnooze comes with a machine-washable cover which can be simply removed by releasing the holding rods. Maintaining the cleanliness of the DoggySnooze bed frame is even easier; just wipe the bed with a wet cloth. Being a raised bed, it also allows you to clean the floor without moving the bed at all. Now that is comfort at its finest!

There is also an aesthetic benefit with some of the elevated dog beds, especially the DoggySnooze. The legs and the side bolsters make it look more like a sofa to blend with other furniture. Function has met fashion.

With so many benefits the question now becomes why not use an elevated dog bed, like the DoggySnooze?