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A Case of Dog Heart Disease (CDC) Won’t Keep This Chocolate Lab Down

Hello DoggyRide friends and followers; we would like to share a story about one of our very own that has fallen on hard times.

Meet Logan, a three-year old chocolate Labrador retriever in the prime of his life who, until very recently, had the world by the tail.

Logan the chocolate lab enjoys his jogger-stroller

Logan happily sits inside the comfort of his Novel dog jogger-stroller

Logan was a superior athlete with boundless energy, loved running with his best friend Adam, and had a deep passion for the game of Chuckit! Logan and Adam were also in the last stages of earning their search and rescue certificate with the King County Sheriff’s Department. Many hours had been dedicated to the idea that one day Logan could possibly save the lives of a missing person or persons.

Logan was a spirited puppy with a playful disposition, and intelligence to boot, but nobody could imagine what would happen next.

On July 5, 2013 while on vacation in Coeur d’Alene, ID, Logan awoke to a deep cough and troubled breathing. He was rushed to a local veterinary clinic nearby as it was thought he may have eaten something poisonous earlier that evening. Although the veterinarian was unsure of the diagnosis, he recommended that Logan get an MRI scan on his chest cavity to be certain of a cause. Logan and his parents made the trip to Washington State University and their renowned vet school, some two hours away, to meet with a leading animal cardiologist. After receiving the results of the MRI scan, Logan was diagnosed with Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy or CDC (

For the majority of dogs afflicted with this condition, heart failure will be caused by the enlarging of the heart thus creating the inability for the heart to pump the necessary amounts of blood through the body. The life expectancy for canines diagnosed with this condition is short, and in Logan’s case is six-12 months. This was a shock to Logan’s family and would immediately change Logan’s life and the activities he loved so very much.

Since Logan’s diagnosis, he was forced to retire from the King County search and rescue program and can no longer play Chuckit! to the extent which he once did. His long runs have been cut back to short walks and his athleticism has been curbed due to his early signs of fatigue. The puppy that once had the world by the tail is now fighting to live a little bit longer.

Logan the lab leads the way to adventure in his DoggyRide Novel jogger-stroller

Logan the chocolate lab leads the pack, riding in his DoggyRide Novel jogger-stroller

When speaking with Logan’s family, they have mentioned that they live by the philosophy of “quality over quantity” and allow Logan to be Logan as much as they can without Logan over exerting himself.

We hope that every dog owner and puppy enjoy life to the fullest, each and every day; because it is fleeting and you never know, like Logan, when it will all be taken away. Here’s to you, buddy!

Menno lives each day to the fullest, with the help of his DoggyRide Nove jogger-stroller

Logan teaches us to live life to the fullest.

We continue to thank you for being a loyal part of our DoggyRide family.

Many happy tail wags from our family to yours,



Dutch Dog Design Outdoors & Lifestyle catalog, hot off the presses!

Dutch Dog Design Outdoors & Lifestyle catalog

Dutch Dog Design Outdoors & Lifestyle catalog

We’ve kept very busy lately! We’ve worked very hard to complete our new Outdoors & Lifestyle catalog and it is now finished! We hope this provides everyone with plenty of information on our DoggyRide dog bike trailers and dog strollers, DoggySnooze elevated dog beds, Dutch Dog Amsterdam eco-friendly collars and leashes, our values and mission, and more!

Please take a look and share your thoughts.

Thank you!

DoggyRide Talks 6 Top Takeaways About Cycling with Your Dog with Mark Solow of Cycle Highland Village

Young or old, big or small, just about anyone and any dog can enjoy DoggyRide trailers and strollers. Mark Solow, and avid bike rider and DoggyRide enthusiast in Texas shares his story about how biking with the DoggyRide has helped both him and his dog make new friends and increase visibility for his local cycling group. Mark has also gotten healthier and lost weight with the increased use of his bike and the DoggyRide.

Read on for more of Mark Solow’s story with 6 key takeaways on riding with the DoggyRide.

We hope that his adventures with his dog Roxy inspires you to continue to ride and explore with your dog and the DoggyRide as well.

Q1.What motivated you to originally purchase your Mini dog bike trailer?
A1. We took our dog on walks daily until we got into biking. My wife and I fell in love with biking again (we call it “rebiking”) in our 50s over a year ago. We wanted to still be able to get exercise and include our dog. Now we take our dog on adventures. She loves it more than walks!

Roxy enjoying her DoggyRide Mini

Q2. What have you enjoyed most about the product?

A2. Since most of our bike riding is shorter trips, usually under 7 miles, it allows me to get more exercise in a shorter distance. i.e. pulling a trailer is like running with ankle weights. That’s my favorite thing. We also love to talk to people we meet along the way and in our biking group.

Roxy in her Mini DoggyRide has become our group mascot. We try to bike whenever we can (grocery store, bank, hair salon, hardware store, dental appointments, restaurants, etc.) and it is very unusual for us not to include our dog wherever we can bike.

Q3. What have you enjoyed least about the DoggyRide?

A3. We love the way the Mini is designed. We love and use the large rear pocket and the water bottle holder. We love the balance and overall design. We are in Texas. In the summer I wish there was some sort of on-board water dispenser that was splash-proof.

The good news here is that we’re currently working on finding an effective way to add an on-board water dispensation system.

Q4. What kind of other experiences or reactions has riding with the DoggyRide trailer elicited?

A4.My wife and I rode in the 30th Annual Hotter‘N Hell bike rally in Wichita Falls, TX last August (along with over 13,000 others). Roxy and the trailer were a huge hit. We can’t wait to take her to more events like this. We know that whenever we go to either of the local pet stores (PetSmart, Petco) that we will need to plan on spending more time because dog owners there always want to talk to us.

Ruth and Roxy are ready to tour with their DoggyRide Mini!

The DoggyRide is a great conversation starter and tool with which to break the ice and hopefully make new friends!

Q5. How has riding with the trailer and your dog improved the overall enjoyment of your biking experience?

A5. Adding the dog to our biking experience has made biking so much more enjoyable. Our dog gets so excited to go when we say, “You want to go in your trailer?”. I am always looking for errands to run. I’ve lost over 20 lbs.

We love hearing how owners have grown to enjoy exercise even more — now even with their pets in tow! Better still is hearing about happy owners’ improved health!

Q6. What other information/tips/details would you like to share with other consumers who may be considering buying a DoggyRide trailer or stroller?

A6. I can’t speak to the stroller. That makes sense to me for someone who may not bike and has a really old dog or one with a disability that can’t go on a walk on their own. Or, maybe for a runner/jogger who wants to include their dog in their routine like we do. Since we organize weekly group rides (see click on “Events” to see past events), unlike other riding groups, we are anything but routine. We like to change the route and destination every week. Sometimes that involves what we call a “drive and drop”. We drive our cars to a starting destination and ride our bikes from there. I love how easy and quick it is to fold up the trailer so we can easily fit it in our car and include Roxy.

Other DoggyRide owners who drive hatchback or SUV vehicles may be happy to know that DoggyRide trailers can also be used as a carrying crate in the back of the car once the wheels are easily removed to allow for a dog to continue to ride safely, comfortably and in style, in the back of the car.

The DoggyRide trailer converts to a tent or crate for the back of the car.

Learn more about DoggyRide product on our website at, ‘Like’ us on Facebook at and feel free to tweet us at

You can learn more about Mark and his Texas cycling group, Cycle Highland Village, on their Facebook page: They also have a Facebook Group for cycling members and interested parties to use for discussions and sharing of news, stories, etc.

Cycling Highland Village takes a break for a photo.

Photos courtesy of Mark Solow and DoggyRide.

If you have fun cycling stories you’d like to also share with us, please email them to: monika (at)