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Dutch Dog Design Outdoors & Lifestyle catalog, hot off the presses!

Dutch Dog Design Outdoors & Lifestyle catalog

Dutch Dog Design Outdoors & Lifestyle catalog

We’ve kept very busy lately! We’ve worked very hard to complete our new Outdoors & Lifestyle catalog and it is now finished! We hope this provides everyone with plenty of information on our DoggyRide dog bike trailers and dog strollers, DoggySnooze elevated dog beds, Dutch Dog Amsterdam eco-friendly collars and leashes, our values and mission, and more!

Please take a look and share your thoughts.

Thank you!

Sunny Sundays Make for Great Doggy Photo Shoots

Menno enjoying the sunshine, in his new Dutch Dog Amsterdam leash

Recently, the DoggyRide team from Dutch Dog Design had the pleasure of heading out to the dog park for an afternoon of fun, sun and photography. We’re excited to begin the process of bringing you a new DoggyRide product, helping you and your dog to more fully enjoy the outdoors together, within the next few months. But, before we do so, we had to take some fun photos.

Menno enjoyed his time outdoors, strolling in the sun, meeting other dogs, and of course, modeling some of our other products. Here are a few photos of Menno enjoying a sunny Sunday afternoon at the park along the waterfront in Seattle, modeling a few Dutch Dog Amsterdam leashes to boot.

Dutch Dog Design introduces a new line of green, eco-friendly Dutch artist inspired dog collars and dog leashes

Dutch Dog Design is proud to introduce its new Dutch Dog Amsterdam line of green, eco-friendly Dutch artist inspired dog collars and leashes. The products are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) recycled webbing and printed with eco-friendly, lead-free, non-toxic printing. If your dog chews on his leash, no harm is done.

Dutch Dog Amsterdam stays true to its roots by taking inspiration from many notable Dutch artists.

Arguably one of the Netherlands’ most famous post-Impressionist painters, Vincent van Gogh, whose work is known for its bold colors and raw beauty, serves as a key inspiration in the Dutch Dog Amsterdam product line. The line interprets one of his greatest and most well-known works, The Starry Night, on its collars and leashes. The bright and lively color palette allows your dog to trot around town in style.

Piet Mondrian, painter and important contributor to the De Stijl movement, which is known for its use of clean, simple, modern lines and sole use of primary colors in addition to black and white, serves as another inspiration for our Dutch Dog Amsterdam line of leashes and collars. His work in neo-plasticism inspires the leashes’ and collars’ modern design which come life via the use of clean lines and bold primary colors. Something that a modern art loving dog owner may find appealing.

Finally, Jacoba van Heemskerck, a woman of Dutch nobility, was a talented painter and glass artist. She experimented with modern art and cubism, but was always looking for new methods of self-expression. In 1916, she expanded her repertoire to begin working with stained glass. Dutch Dog Amsterdam exemplifies her work in its collars and leashes via the use of modern shapes and vivid colors, mirroring that which can be found in many of her paintings and stained glass pieces.

Dutch Dog Amsterdam products are carefully thought out and crafted with your dog’s best interest in mind. Made of green, PET recycled webbing, the leashes and collars are soft against a dog’s body, yet strong. Printed with eco-friendly printing means that no toxic chemicals are used. Your dog is able to be happy and healthy using these products while you show a bit of Dutch art and style. You and your dog will be the hippest pair on the block.

These dog leashes and dog collars are currently available for purchase in our Etsy store and Amazon store.