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A Case of Dog Heart Disease (CDC) Won’t Keep This Chocolate Lab Down

Hello DoggyRide friends and followers; we would like to share a story about one of our very own that has fallen on hard times.

Meet Logan, a three-year old chocolate Labrador retriever in the prime of his life who, until very recently, had the world by the tail.

Logan the chocolate lab enjoys his jogger-stroller

Logan happily sits inside the comfort of his Novel dog jogger-stroller

Logan was a superior athlete with boundless energy, loved running with his best friend Adam, and had a deep passion for the game of Chuckit! Logan and Adam were also in the last stages of earning their search and rescue certificate with the King County Sheriff’s Department. Many hours had been dedicated to the idea that one day Logan could possibly save the lives of a missing person or persons.

Logan was a spirited puppy with a playful disposition, and intelligence to boot, but nobody could imagine what would happen next.

On July 5, 2013 while on vacation in Coeur d’Alene, ID, Logan awoke to a deep cough and troubled breathing. He was rushed to a local veterinary clinic nearby as it was thought he may have eaten something poisonous earlier that evening. Although the veterinarian was unsure of the diagnosis, he recommended that Logan get an MRI scan on his chest cavity to be certain of a cause. Logan and his parents made the trip to Washington State University and their renowned vet school, some two hours away, to meet with a leading animal cardiologist. After receiving the results of the MRI scan, Logan was diagnosed with Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy or CDC (

For the majority of dogs afflicted with this condition, heart failure will be caused by the enlarging of the heart thus creating the inability for the heart to pump the necessary amounts of blood through the body. The life expectancy for canines diagnosed with this condition is short, and in Logan’s case is six-12 months. This was a shock to Logan’s family and would immediately change Logan’s life and the activities he loved so very much.

Since Logan’s diagnosis, he was forced to retire from the King County search and rescue program and can no longer play Chuckit! to the extent which he once did. His long runs have been cut back to short walks and his athleticism has been curbed due to his early signs of fatigue. The puppy that once had the world by the tail is now fighting to live a little bit longer.

Logan the lab leads the way to adventure in his DoggyRide Novel jogger-stroller

Logan the chocolate lab leads the pack, riding in his DoggyRide Novel jogger-stroller

When speaking with Logan’s family, they have mentioned that they live by the philosophy of “quality over quantity” and allow Logan to be Logan as much as they can without Logan over exerting himself.

We hope that every dog owner and puppy enjoy life to the fullest, each and every day; because it is fleeting and you never know, like Logan, when it will all be taken away. Here’s to you, buddy!

Menno lives each day to the fullest, with the help of his DoggyRide Nove jogger-stroller

Logan teaches us to live life to the fullest.

We continue to thank you for being a loyal part of our DoggyRide family.

Many happy tail wags from our family to yours,