Man’s best friend can have his own sofa too!

Proof that the snoozeSofa is a comfortable and stylish dog bed

When we designed the DoggySnooze dog bed, we didn’t do it with the intent to create a designer dog bed. We did it with the purpose to create the most functional and durable dog bed possible that will blend into contemporary design. We like to think that the beauty of design is in the eye of the beholder, so it would be unnatural to focus solely on a product’s design.

We have receive many comments from satisfied dog owners around the world describing how much they enjoy our dog bed and its design and, truth is, it’s quite flattering.

The main functions we needed to implement in our dogs beds were usability of truly orthopedic features on an elevated and chew resistant dog bed while keeping design and form in mind so that the dog bed would blend with your furniture or fit in with your young and modernly designed living room.

Finally fashion has met function.

So, if your dog likes to sleep on your new, light-colored sofa – give them their own sofa. A DoggySnooze dog bed sofa (snoozeSofa).


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