Introducing the Buddy: Always be out there with a Buddy

When using the Buddy during a walk, jog or hike, attach the Buddy by simply looping it through a belt loop, or by looping it onto a backpack. It can also be attached to a bicycle’s frame by looping it around a seat post, seat stay or head tube, making it easy for a dog to enjoy going for a jog while its owner enjoys a short, leisurely bike ride. Parents with young children can also enjoy strolling with their children and dog as the Buddy can also be attached to a stroller, as well as many other things, making the Buddy a very versatile product.

Made of shock absorbent bungee material, the Buddy allows for both a bike rider, hiker, walker or jogger and the dog to comfortably enjoy exploring the outdoors together as the bungee material absorbs shock and extra pull if a dog gets too distracted by an energetic squirrel. While other leash connectors, on bikes specifically, can be rigid and intimidate a dog, the Buddy is small, non-obstructive, easy to use and won’t harm or scare a dog.

The simplicity of the Buddy’s loop design allows for quick and easy use, anywhere, anytime. Due to its simple design, the Buddy is also a very low-cost product, making this a product that any dog owner can afford. We encourage dog owners to get out and enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer in hiking, biking and jogging and walking, with their buddy and the Buddy.


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